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  • More than 99% purity
  • Stable after multiple freeze-thaw cycles
  • 95% dNTPs in triphospate form after 5 weeks at room temperature
  • Perfect for standard PCR, real-time PCR, high-fidelity PCR, 1-Step PCR and long range PCR

PCRBIO dNTP Mix is ultra-pure, stable and suitable for a variety of PCR applications.

PCRBIO dNTP Mix has been tested on many molecular biology applications including standard PCR, fast PCR, 1-Step PCR, high-fidelity PCR, real-time PCR, long-range PCR, MDA, RDA, LAMP and DNA sequencing.

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PB10.71-05 dNTP Mix 10mM each (40mM tota) 0.5 mL, PB10.71-10 dNTP Mix 10mM each (40mM tota) 1.0 ml, PB10.72-05 dNTP Mix 25mM each (100mM tota) 0.5 ml, PB10.72-10 dNTP Mix 25mM each (100mM tota) 1.0 ml

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