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The Stay Cool Rack with a lid combines the possibility to cool your samples with the well know 96well format.

This rack can keep the temperature (4°C) for 3 -4 hours, if it was stored at -20C. Inside the rack is a gel with a indicator which will change the colour from purple to pink if the temperature is 7°C or higher.

This indicator will work for every single well, at the beginning you will see that the outer wells will change their colour first, whereas the wells in the centre of the plate still keep 4°C.

The gel filling is not toxic and non hazardous.

This will lead to the fact that you definitively know when your temperature sensitve samples need to be back in the fridge.



Additional information

Fastgene® Stay Cool Racks Specifications

Temperature for colour change: 7°C

How long the rack can keep 4°C: 3-4 hours

Suitable for:
– 96 x 0,2 ml PCR tubes
– 0,2 ml PRC tube strips
– 96well plates

Dimensions with lid (H x W X D) : 44 x 99 x 141 mm

Dimensions without lid (H x W X D): 38 x 99 x 141 mm


FGSCR (Fastgene® Stay Cool Racks)