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Advance Co. Ltd. , a manufacturer of the well known MUPID (www.mupid.com) electrophoresis system today announced that they launched an CE labelled new electrophoresis system, specifically developed for the needs of the European market. This instrument will be distributed by Nippon Genetics Europe GmbH in Europe and Israel.

Heat-resistant Materials

Gel solution up to 100°C can be poured into the Gel Tray. Clean up can be performed by using boiling water.

Safety Lid with Interlock System

Removing the lid will switch off the electrical current to prevent an electrical shock.

Voltage Variation Range

Seven conventional voltages (18 V, 25 V, 35 V, 50 V, 70 V, 100 V and 135 V )are available. Peak voltage is constant (140 V) and output level changes through pulse control.

Global input voltage compatibility

Variable input voltage of 100 to 240 V supports use virtually anywhere in the world.

Multi pipette & multi sample

13 or 26 wells can be made with one comb. Comb teeth matches the multichannel pipette.

Buffer drains

Buffer drains on two corners allow the easy removal of dangerous buffers solutions.



Additional information

Kit Content

One gel casting stand-HR (1)*
Many combs setting grooves are provided in the stand. Supports a max. of four combs per gel with easy position change.

One-Gel Tray L-HR (1)
it can make up to four rows of wells (running lenght of 2.7 cm), handling up to 104 samples (26 x 4) is possible.

One-Gel Tray S-HR (2) and center partition (1)
Can be used for making gels of 13 and 26 samples.

One-Comb-HR (4)
Four combs can be used for L tray, whereas one comb can be used for S tray.

* number in brackets indicate number of pieces supplied with the chamber


MUPID ONE (MUPID ONE electrophoresis unit)