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The FastGene® GelPic LED Box offers …

  • The most compact gel documentation system in the market.
  • The small size (198 x 227 x 254 mm) allows you to use it as portable device.
  • Equipped with blue (470 nm) and white innovative LED technology, guarantees a high sensitivity but no harm for your eyes, skin and your DNA! Especially important for all applications, where the extracted DNA should be suitable for sequencing and/or cloning excperiments.
  • Scientific grade high resolution CMOS camera with 9M pixel resolution
  • Suitable for all green dyes, like Midori Green Advance and Direct, SYBR and others
  • White light for coomassie blue stained protein gels and western blot images
  • Connectable to a Mitsubishi thermoprinter
  • TV out, connectable to TV screens or beamer
  • SD card, sample tray, gel shovel and amber view shield include



Additional information

FastGene® GelPic LED Box Specification: Image Capture

Sensor: Color CMOS Sensor
Resolution: 9M pixels
Exposure Time: up to1.6 sec (11 scales)
Image Types: JPEG
Image Storage: SD Card Storage
View Area: 16 x 11,5 cm (Fixed lens)

FastGene® GelPic LED Box Specification: Lens and Filter

Filter Wheel: Manual-Driven, 2 position
Emission Filter: 520nm Amber Filter

FastGene® GelPic LED Box Specification: Lighting

Blue Light: 470nm Blue LED Light
Epi White Light: LED White Light
White Back Light: LED White Light Panel

FastGene® GelPic LED Box Specification: Interface

Display Panel: Build-in 2.7“ TFT LCD
Image Storage: SD Card Storage
– USB 2.0 (Card Reader)
– TV out (3.5 mm end and RCA end)

FastGene® GelPic LED Box Specification: General Info

Power: AC Adaptor, 12V/1.5A, 18W
Dimension (W x H x D): 198 x 227 x 254 mm
Gel Tools: Sample tray, shovel, Amber shield
Weight: 3.2 kg
Certification: CE, FCC

Kit Content

LED Imaging box with a high resolution CMOS camera (9M . pixel), SD card reader and SD card, gel tray, gel shovel, amber shield, software and manual


GP03-LED (FastGene® GelPic LED Box)