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Nippon Genetics introduced this new LED based illuminator for the detection of DNA/RNA molecules. Blue light LEDs are as sensitive as UV light but they won’t damage the DNA separated in an agarose gel and protect your skin and eyes. These LED instruments were developed for the use of non Ethidium Bromide dyes like SYBR Green, SYBR Safe, Midori Green and others*. There is an application noteavailable describing the difference in cloning efficiency by using UV light or Blue LED light.

Now it’s becoming easy to excise your DNA fragment out of gels. You don’t need to wear glasses. Switch the LEDs on, detect your band and excise your DNA fragment with our Agarose Gel Band Cutter. Your DNA won’t be damaged.

You can use Ethidium Bromide as well as other dyes for staining. We prefer to use our Midori Green stains as a non carcinogenic – less mutagenic alternative to Ethidium Bromide.

Another important argument is the 5 times longer lifetime of LEDs in comparison to UV light.

* The Fastgene Blue Light LED instrument is working as well with Ethidium Bromide but sensitivity is lower compared to regular UV transilluminators



Additional information

Fastgene Blue LED Illuminator Specifications:

Dimensions (mm): 210 x 210 x 30 mm

Viewing surface (mm): 120 x 70 mm

Wavelenght (nm): 470 nm

Amber filter: amber filter shield with metal frame

LED arrangements: matrix for 2 side illumniation

LED lifetime: 50,000 hours

Power: 24 V DC 1 A power adaptor

Gel size compatibility: 110 x 60 55 x 60 , mini gels

Weight: 2,3 kg

CE labeled: YES

European plug: YES


FG-05 (Fastgene Blue LED Illuminator)