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Nippon Genetics Europe GmbH introduces NGC Clear Seals, manufactured in Japan, suitable for all QPCR applications and other fluorescence measurements. The seal is suitable for PE, PS and PP plates. The extreme high quality prevents evaporation during thermal cycling or sample storage.

The seal is peelable and there is no sticky residue present,after the seal is peeled off. The NGC Clear Seal has end tabs for easy removal and the film shows a very good solvent resitance including DMSO. Furthermore these seals can be used at temperatures from -80°C to 120°C.
The seal is autoclavable as well but after sterilisation, please make sure that the seal is completely dry, in order to keep the sealing performance.



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KJ135 (NGC Clear Seals, 135 x 80 mm (100 sheets)), KJ120(adhesive foil for all standard applications but not for QPCR experiments, 100 sheets)